What you need to know

Check in commences 60mins (1 hr) prior to flight departure time.

You will need to have a minimum of one piece of Government issued I.D (Drivers License, Passport, Resident Card).

Each Operator has their baggage restrictions:

  • Encana passengers will be entitled to travel with a maximum of 2 bags, these bags must not exceed 25lbs per piece. Passenger will have a 40 lbs combined weight limit for baggage
  • ExxonMobil passengers are recommended to travel with a maximum of 2 bags, not exceeding 25 lbs per piece. Exceptions do apply based on Operational requirements.

Electronic Cigarettes are not permitted to be carried on HNZ flights. These restricted items should be left at home or in a passengers vehicle. There is no storage capabilities for passenger items at the HNZ Heliport.

You must declare all medications at “Check In”, this includes all prescribed and over the counter medications, as well as vitamins, protein powder, shakes, etc. These will be transported offshore and delivered directly to the medic where they can be retrieve upon arrival on the installation

You must comply with your Company’s “Facial Hair” policy.

Zero Tolerance for Alcohol and Drugs—Should a passenger appear to be, or suspect to be inhibited by the effect of alcohol or drugs, they will not be permitted to board the helicopter. Outlining policies of the Oil Operators D&A policy will be put into effect.

Download the complete Passenger Information Sheet for Offshore Operation which covers what you need to know, location, parking and contact.

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