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Wednesday, August 16, 2017
Flight No. Arrival Time Revised Time Arriving From Remarks
Flight No.131 Arrival Time10:15 Revised Time10:04 Arriving FromALM - TCF RemarksIntervention - Arrived
Flight No.132 Arrival Time20:15 Revised Time Arriving FromALM - TCF RemarksIntervention


Wednesday, August 16, 2017
Flight No. Departure Time Revised Time Departing To Remarks
Flight No.131 Departure Time07:00 Revised Time07:05 Departing ToALM - TCF RemarksIntervention - Departed
Flight No.132 Departure Time17:00 Revised Time Departing ToALM - TCF RemarksIntervention

Weekly Schedule

Week of August 16 to August 22


  Flight No. Departure Time Departing To Aircraft
August 16, 2017
Flight No.131 Departure Time07:00 Departing ToALM - TCF Aircraft Helican 1
Flight No.132 Departure Time17:00 Departing ToALM - TCF Aircraft Helican 1
August 17, 2017
Flight No.141 Departure Time07:00 Departing ToTCF-NTR Aircraft Helican 2
Flight No.142 Departure Time16:45 Departing ToNTR-TCF Aircraft Helican 1
Flight No.241 Departure Time8:00 Departing ToPFC Aircraft Helican 1
  • YHZ – Halifax Airport
  • PFC – Encana Installation Deep Panuke
  • TCF – Exxon Installation – Thebaud
  • ALM – Exxon Installation – Alma
  • NTR – Exxon Installation – North Triumph
  • VEN – Exxon Installation – Venture
  • SVN – Exxon Installation – South Venture
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